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Evergreen Replacement Motors

Lightbulb Story

Like a compact-fluorescent replacement for a typical lightbulb, Evergreen™ • AH is the high-efficiency replacement for a standard blower motor in your air handler. Side by side the Evergreen looks like a standard motor. Inside though, it uses our patented, field-proven ECM (electronically commutated motor) technology to save you money every time your HVAC system operates. On average you can expect to use 25% fewer Watts compared to a standard motor. Even better, you can use up to 74% fewer Watts with Evergreen when you run your fan between heating and cooling cycles.

Better indoor-air quality and comfort

Running your blower motor between heating and cooling cycles is called constant fan mode. This option allows you to continuously filter the air in your home, so your air cleaner can remove far more dust, pollen and other allergens. A standard blower motor is very expensive to operate in this way (e.g. $469/year @ 10 ¢/kWh). An Evergreen replacement motor, however, can perform the same task at a fraction of the cost (e.g. $217/year @ 10 ¢/kWh).

Evergreen's constant fan mode can also make your home more comfortable. For instance, when the system shuts off, the warm air in your home naturally rises while the cool air sinks. By running constant fan, you can efficiently circulate the air to produce more even temperatures throughout your home. Evergreen also offers quieter operation so you can enjoy better indoor-air quality and comfort with less noise.


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GE-6005       IM EVERGREEN 1/2HP 115/230 REV

GE-6010       IM EVERGREEN 1HP 115/230 REV