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Smoke dampers are low leakage damper and actuator assemblies constructed to:

1. Resist the spread of smoke in HVAC systems that are designed to be automatically shut down in the event of a fire or

2. Control the movement of smoke within a building when the HVAC sysem is part of an engineered smoke control system.

Smoke dampers are tested and labeled in accordance with UL555S.


Fire rated ceilings protect the structure of the floor or roof above from flames and heat in a building fire. HVAC openings, such as diffusers, return air openings, and grilles, that penetrate the protective ceiling of the fire rated floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assemblies must be equipped against fire and heat. Conventional fire dampers stop flame, but do NOT stop heat. The inability to stop heat makes conventional fire dampers unacceptable for protecting fire rated ceilings. Lau CCD model ceiling fire dampers provide the appropriate protection needed for openings in fire rated ceilings. These UL Classified dampers protect against heat, as well as flame, in ceilings with fire resistance ratings of 3 hours or less. Sizes to fit round openings up to 20" diameter and rectangular openings up to 24" x 24" are available. Additionally, an adjustable volume control option allows the desired air flow balancing.
Fire/smoke combination dampers are low leak damper and actuator assemblies that have passed the UL555 and UL555S test requirements for both a dynamic fire damper and a smoke damper. They are used in HVAC systems where both a fire damper and smoke damper are needed in the same location.