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4371-32.jpgThermo-Trap Gel

Thermo-Trap Gel is a heat sink that has an extremely high capacity for absorbing heat. Applied to the metal working surface between the area to be heated and the material to be protected, Thermo-Trap Gel absorbs the heat, preventing heat transfer. This keeps heat from spreading beyond the work area, protecting components, installed fittings and other sensitive parts safe from damage.



4050-06.jpgIntroducing A/C EasySeal

Refrigerant Leak Sealant

  • Prevents refrigerant leaks and seals existing leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Eliminates expensive leak search and repair
  • Travels with refrigerant to find leaks fast
  • One can treats up to 5 ton systems
  • Reusable A/C Piercing Valve and Hose
  • 4051-06.jpgIntroducing A/C EasyDry

    Eliminates and Prevents Moisture in ACR Systems

  • Compatible with all oils and refrigerants
  • Prevents acid from forming
  • Compliments the system’s drier
  • Treats up to 5 ton systems
  • Reusable A/C Piercing Valve and Hose
  • geltabs.jpgGel Tabs

    Gel Tabs are formulated with a breakthrough gel locking technology for treating air conditioning drain pans and lines. They will keep the drain pan from clogging and eliminate foul and musty odors. Gel Tabs are easy to use… put them into the drain pan and forget about them. When activated by condensation, the tablet will turn to gel and lock into place. This ensures that the tab will not move and potentially block the drain. Gel Tabs are designed to completely dissolve at an even rate over a 3 month period leaving nothing to remove when the product is done working.